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Kemerovo city map

We have prepared two maps for different purposes. Both options are quite large pictures, so the best way of using them is to right-click on the links below, select 'Save Target As...' and to save those pictures onto your computer. Then, you can open with some software which allows quick zooming in/out (like ACDSee). If you don't have any of this kind, you can simply click on links in your Internet browser, however, in this case you'll be scrolling heavily.

General map of the city (342 Kb)

Things shown are streets and different entities we mentioned on our pages. Ideal choice for orienting in the city.


Map of Public Transport routes in the city (565 Kb)

The shown items are streets, stops and routes of public transport. Best choice if you need to travel in public transport on some occasion (however, we don't recommend foreigners to try our public transport). In any other case please use upper map.

We would also like to notice that: we're not professional mapmakers, and these maps might not be every millimetre right. At least, they show what street cross which and where, and give basic picture of directions. Also, only most important streets are shown, it is hardly possible to draw each of them and to keep the file size within common sense limits. Regarding map of public transport map - the number of routes is huge, we can't exclude the possibility of something being wrong on this map or some recently introduced routes being not shown.

Let us know what you think of it on our forum.


If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, please direct them to editor@e-kemerovo.com. Your feedback is very important to us.

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