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Welcome to, probably the best site on Kemerovo in English

We're sorry to say this, but due to time constraints we stopped publishsing city news here and we update this site only on time-to-time basis. Because of this there may be some inaccuracies in the published information, but generally all this info still should be very useful to any foreign traveller deciding to visit our city.

Ok, now as a bit of funny thing to happen to this site and while we have some spare time at our hands - here goes the 2013 Keywords - the most bizarre and otherwise interesting keywords people used to come to our site, and here they are:

  • Well, the outright leader is 'kemerevo' - yes, misspelled. We know our city's name is difficult for foreigners who prefer to call the place Kem.
  • Another one again, misspelled - 'kamarovo' - I supposed you people were looking for some entirely different place, like Komarovo may be.
  • Disco Kemerovo - been covered here before - wish there'd been one!
  • Kemerovo Serbia - uh-oh - Serbia is totally different part of the world.
  • Kemerovo strip club - here we are! Does your wife know what you're searchinf for?
  • 'People say in Kemerovo there are some monuments' - strange thing to put into google anyway, but yes, there are some!

Ok, this is it for 2013 Keywords!

Fair warning - this site is not a database of all places in Kemerovo. Neither it was intent, nor capability present. Instead this is a sort of quick guide based on our own perception and tastes. We often write things like 'we like this' or 'this is the best place', and we truly feel so.

Good news - we updated the flights schedule and now it seems to be fairly accurately telling flghts and overally looking much better and easier, you're welcome to check it out.

You might want to have a look at our same-type project regarding Novosibirsk

If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, please direct them to Your feedback is very important to us.

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About us

We're the team of people who love Kemerovo, and who devoted themselves to create and maintain the best web-site about our home city. The core of our team is born here, while we have some 'distant' members who help us from other countries.


This site is an independently-owned, privately-operated Web site.


This is NOT  a government site, and is NOT sponsored by any official institution in the Kemerovo region or city.