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Night clubs / Discos

'Lozha' - it is a students' night club at the premises of experimental theatre of the same name. A bit whacky music, but great atmosphere. Entrance fee - 50 Roubles (1,7 dollars), bloody mary - 14 Roubles (50 cents).  See the map

'Dom Aktyora' - located near School No 1, great music, but always crowded. Entrance fee - 80 Roubles (around 3 dollars), bloody mary - 20 Roubles (60 cents). See the map

'Coliseum' - night club + casino located at the premises of Musical Theatre of Kuzbass (on Sovietskiy prospect, not far from Soviet square). Great music, but atmosphere is a bit 'posh'. A sort of prestigious place. Entrance fee - 80 Roubles. See the map

'Venera' - night club located on Sovietskiy prospect, between Kirova street and Kuznetskiy prospect. Very pretending place, lots of modern equipment, but music is a bit too modern. Entrance fee - 80 Roubles. See the map

'Metro' - night club with some strip action. Located on Lenina prospect, near crossing with 50 let Oktyabrya street. See the map

'Legion' - disco club with some strip show. Located on crossing of Khimikov prospect and Stroiteley blv. Entrance fee - 80 Roubles. See the map


'Moskva' cinema - a flagship of local cinemas, equipped with Dolby Surround system. Drinks and popcorn are available. Located on Dzerzhinskogo street, not far from local mall. Tickets are 50 Roubles (1,7 dollars). Tel. 25-55-22. See the map

'Yubileyniy' cinema - big cinema, located on Lenina street, soon it will be equipped with Dolby system. Tickets are 25 roubles. Tel. 526-333 See the map 

'Cosmos' cinema - newly restored cinema with Dolby system. Tel. 36-84-84.  


There are both mass and exotic kinds of sport in Kemerovo. Doubtlessly, football and hockey are most popular. 

Kemerovo football team called 'Kuzbass' plays in second division of Eastern region, there are also ice hockey team 'Energy' playing in high division of Eastern region and ball hockey club also called 'Kuzbass'.

At summer, football is the king. On Khimik stadium, our Kuzbass team plays its home games.  Somehow people are used to watch the game drinking beer and nearly silently. 

At winter, Kuzbass ball hockey team plays its games, usually the place is overcrowded with active supporters even at -38 C. But the most show is at Oktyabrskiy sport complex, where hockey team Energy plays, usually all tickets are sold for those games, and supporters really do what they are called.


'Pyramid' billiard club - located in Oktyabrksiy sportcomplex, it offers pool and Russian billiard. One hour of game costs 60 Roubles (2,2 dollars). See the map

Bowling club - located at the premises of former airport terminal (just about 100 meters from active terminal), it provides what it name tells.

Theatres / Concert Halls

Drama Theatre - located in the heart of the city, on Fountain square (Sovietsky prospect), it does exactly what its name suggests. Tel. 36-53-75, 36-58-16. See the map

Musical Theatre of Kuzbass - located on Sovetskiy prospect (near from Soviet square). It has some musical shows and operettas. Tel. 36-54-71, 36-56-46. See the map

'Lozha' Theatre - it is an experimental theatre. Located at the backyard of Polytechnic University. Its little (and sometime big) shows offers much more fun or drama than 'classical' theatres. That's why we like it! See the map

Philharmonics - located on Krasnaya street (behind a small park on Soviet square), it is a concert hall for classical music, and sometimes - pop singers. Concerts are held nearly every Saturday. Tel. 23-32-11. See the map


Tomskaya pisanitsa - museum of petroglyfs (ancient drawings), located about 60 km northwest from Kemerovo (by Yashkinskaya highway) in a beautiful place at Tom river. Also has other historical exhibitions. Absolutely nice place to touch the history of humanity. Very budget-friendly, entrance fee is 20 Roubles (60 cents). The museum has an office in Kemerovo where you can make enquiries about excursions and such, located here, tel. 25-98-50. Open Wednesday to Sunday. The museum-owned bus picks visitors every Saturday and Sunday at 10 o'clock from behind of Drama Theatre, but you can make your way to the museum on your own. 


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