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Well, there is a great number of different shops in Kemerovo. While this site is not trying to enlist them all, we provide a 'must-know' information about shopping in Kemerovo and some useful shops.

Food and drinks

There are several food-stores in Kemerovo, where you can get nice and reliable food and drinks and some other home stuff. They're basically all the same - typical Western-type shops, so you'll easily find most of your favorite brands.

'Gulliver' - quite good food store with reasonable prices located on the first floor of Cental mall. Accepts Visa. See the map

'Breeze' - several stores, located 1) at 50 let Oktyabrya, near Soviet square, 2) at Dzerzhinskogo street, near Oblast Library, 3) at Stroiteley blv, between Lenina and Khimikov prospects. See the map: Location 1, Location 2, Location 3.

'Galactica' - located at Vesennyaya street, at Fountain square. See the map

'Kora' - there are two locations. The first shop is located in the new appartment building at Stroiteley blv, 28 - between Khimikov and Lenina prospects, the second one is on crossing of Lenina pr. and Volgogradskaya street. Accepts Visa. See the map - location 1, location 2.

Clothes / Shoes

There are two main hubs for small shops of this kind. First one is a big mall on crossing of Kirova and Nogradskaya streets. See the map

Second one is at crossing of Oktyabrskiy prospect and Tereshkova street, on the premises of big sport complex called Oktyabryskiy. See the map

If you walk on Sovietskiy prospect from Soviet square to Kirova street, you'll find number of shops, including some prestigious ones, dealing mostly with clothes and shoes and other things.

There is also a big bazaar right across the street from Oktyabrskiy sport complex. It offers mostly cheap shoes and clothes brought in from China or Turkey. Also good for buying fur clothes and hats. See the map


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