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Public transport

We have all the standards: buses, trolleys, and trams. One trip costs 5 Roubles (about 15 cents). We also have something a bit different.  We call it the "route taxi." 

Route taxis are sort of a cross between a taxi and a bus.  Like a taxi, they stop for you and let you off whenever you signal.  Like a bus they cruise along designated routes.  Unlike a bus, they don't have scheduled stops.  Route taxis cost 7 Roubles per trip (about 18 cents).  They are the most comfortable and the fastest of all the options in public transportation.

Public transport operates between about 6:30 AM and midnight.  You'll never have to wait more than about fifteen minutes for the next bus or tram on your route.

Taxis / Private cars

Taxis are also available. You can choose one of several taxi companies in town, all of which accept telephone orders. A normal trip around the city in a taxi will cost about 30 Roubles (a little more than a dollar).  A longer trip, say, from one end of the city to the other, might be double that.  A trip to the airport or back is usually 100 Roubles (between three and four dollars).

To order your taxi, call one of the following:

PATP-2 - 25-05-05, 25-07-07

Voyage - 36-00-00

Omega - 30-11-11

Taxi-blues - 34-00-00

We really don't recommend using the services of so-called taxis which just stand by, usually in the vicinity of bus stop, waiting for clients to come. These people have sick view of the business - they prefer to sit an extra hour waiting for some 'idiot' who will pay 200 Roubles for a ride which normally costs 100 Roubles at max. Avoid them at all costs and we hope they will vanish from the city.

If you really need to get somewhere fast, you can always try to wave down a passing car.  You'll usually get a ride in a couple of minutes.  Make sure to pay something, though!  This is probably not a free ride, even though it is a private car.

Be careful: most drivers don't speak English.  You probably won't have any trouble as long as you know the name of the place or the street where you want to go.

Getting a car for yourself

Avis, Hertz, and those other rent-a-car companies haven't quite made it to Kemerovo yet.

There is still an opportunity of renting a car. This service in the city is provided by Auto Rent Blues company only. The cars available for rent are only Oka (VAZ-11113) - very small budget cars. Details are a the web-site  www.taxi-kemerovo.ru or by phone +7 3842 340-340.

As an alternative - you can hire a driver with his car. It would normally cost around 4000 Roubles (130+ dollars) of driver's monthly fee plus you pay all gas expenditures. If you want a driver with the car for a shorter period (two weeks) - it might cost more in terms of daily fee, than if you'd hire him for several months. 

You could always buy a car.  Foreign driver's licenses are often valid here, but check about your specific country first with the Kemerovo police.  Note: we drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Cars are cheap compared to most of the world.  You can get a brand new Russian car for about 5000 Dollars, or maybe a used Japanese or European car for less, depending on condition and age.

The advantage of a Russian car is that spare parts are cheap and easy to get pretty much anywhere.  Foreign cars are more comfortable but spare parts are pricey and harder to find.

Whatever you do, don't buy a used Russian car more than two or three years old. If you do, you'll have to hire somebody to run behind your car picking up the parts as they fall off!


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